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National Riposte’s vigorous community of amateur commentators send us messages, from time to time, about topics in and out of the news, on everything under the sun. Messages are edited for clarity and syntax. Messages might also be edited for content. *** Clint Sioux Falls, IA I’m telling you I’m so sick of Nancy Pelosi! … Read more

Phone Conversation, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer – Redwood Glasses

Chuck: Nancy? Nancy: Hello? C: THere’s static. [Blows in receiver.] Hi, Nancy. N: Did you get my email? C: What’s the clicking on this line? N: I don’t hear anything. C: WHat about an email? N: Did you get mine? C: I did, I think. The one with the coupons for starbucks? N: No, I … Read more