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Black Bullets and White Equality

A Look Into the Injustice of Ammunition

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A bullet: tool of white oppressors

It’s becoming obvious to me, Lampish Fitt, that we’ve got a serious case of inequity and disenginuity in the black and white community–this time when it comes to bullets.

As you know, ammunition manufacturers across the country mass produce bullets in order to kill black people. That’s their primary motive, aside from making the green, which comes as a direct result of people buying their bullets to kill people, running out, then having to buy more. Capitalism, they call it. I call it murder, mayhem, and malfeasance against the black community.

Now, to be fair, have I from time to time participated in the use of these items for what some might call illegal purposes? Perhaps. Although having once been tried and acquitted, I am no longer subject to prosecution for any such improprieties.

But allow me to state a truth so inconvenient that even Al Gore might call it inconvenient: the truth that ammunition makers create bullets xx only make bullets that kill black folks but do not kill white folks.

This is why so many more black folks get killed than white folks. The police have picked up on this truth, and being greedy for blood, they go after the one group they know and can guarantee that can be killed by bullets: black folks.

These honkey cops, and some black Uncle Tom cops have even gotten in on the mix, roam the streets like wild dingoes looking for somebody to kill. Man, woman, child, hell–they don’t give one damn. And why’s that? Because they are blood thirsty, and they are also racist. The more black blood on the street, the better.

Therefore I propose that we fulfill Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of equality among the races and get a law passed that forces ammunition manufacturers to make bullets that can and will kill white folks.

Then as part of the pork in this bill we will have a few sentences tucked away somewhere in the index that allow open season on white folks so that the number of white deaths can equal the number of black deaths. This way the blacks will not feel persecuted. The killings of white folks will be LEGAL, so long as it’s black on white violence. If it’s white on white, then I propose that the standard laws against murder apply. But black on white? Bitch, please: it’s a community service.

This bill will also include, maybe on the back cover or in a header or footer somewhere, the proviso that the government must provide each black person in the united states one thousand rounds of ammunition for the weapon of their choice, just to get the ball rolling.

I’ve lived in this white man’s world to have learned plenty of the tricks of the white man. And I decry his transparent and weak-willed attempt to destroy the black man. I decry it from the bottom of my black soul. Because I ain’t nobody’s nigger.

I dream of a day, as did Martin Luther King Jr., when the black man can pop a white girl or man in a bank or the street and nobody gonna say shit about it, just how they do now when black folks kill each other, or the way it is when white folks kill black folks, and you don’t hear any screaming about that travesty.

It’s time to affirm, with liberty and justice for all.

Ima keep it in the black,

Lampish Fitt

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