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House Speech, Bobby L. Rush, Democrat, Illinois



The True Memory of Memorial Day

In this house floor speech, by ______, we are treated to a recitation of a proposal for a modification of Memorial Day.

Madam Speaker,

Thank you for the privilege of reciting this August, this body august, an august body. I’ll get it.

I rise for the pruposes of saying a few things, and for going on record for having said a few things of the time.

One of those things i am saying is that we are celebrating a memorial day for a nation that has built its heckles on the backs of millions and millions of black folks who were brought to this country illegally, and are stillbeing brought here illegally.

In my own state of democrat, Illinois, for instance, we are seeing over four thousand black people enslaved every month on a regular basis. 

What are we remembering on this memorial day? Are we remembring all the slaves who built this country, or the zealots who went forth of their own accord to get themselves blown up through colonialist expansionist actions overseas?

Yea though I walk through the valley, I am fearing evil on this Memorial Day. I for one raise a fist of defiance against the nationalist pride and prejudice of the galvanized, excuse me, of galvanization of incumbents whose purpose is not to thwart white oppression, but to encourage it.

I raise a fist in defiance of the folks who have gone forth to kill others in the name of colonialist expansion. That’s what this memorial day is all about: remember the people who got killed trying to kill other people gratuitously.

I propose with my sinews that we elect this day a forthright in memory not of violence but of violence done unto those who built this nation, the black slaves. I propose that this Memorial Day and all memorial days henceforth be reckoned with total and utter silence across the land. That silence will remind us of the grave sacrifice of our forebears, who built this nation, this house of slavery and den of slavery.

The silence will include the shutting off of all electricity across the nation, the cutting of all communication lines, the shutting off of all water, and enforcement of litter pickup along highways by all Americans to remember the way it was in olden days, in times long gone by, when you worked in the sun, in the heat, and a master overseer crying out, “Get yo’self back to work, you damn fools.”

I never met a white person who did not feel this way about African Americans.

I have seen this oppression. But no more. I call for a new Memorial Day. That will teachfolks to be respectful, and thankful, and to remember the true sacrifice.

I yield back.

Yea though I walk through the valley, I am fearing evil on this Memorial Day. 

Bobby L. Rush



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