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Beatty, Congressional Black Caucus Leaders Censure Russia Invasion for Overshadowing Black History Month

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — National Riposte has received a copy, from an anonymous Moscow source, of an open letter from Democratic House Representative and Congressional Black Caucus President Joyce Beatty to Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin denouncing the premier’s invasion of the Ukraine.

The letter, signed by all members of the Congressional Black Caucus, stated that “any international action that blocks, overshadows, or otherwise makes lesser of Black History Month in America fails to grasp the totality of the revolutionary struggle in which we are engaged and surely must be construed by black people across our nation as an affront to our ongoing struggle for justice and equality.”

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Beatty called into question Putin’s commitment to Soviet-style reform. “If we cannot count on you to support our revolutionary causes, how can you expect us to support your colonialization and gerrymandering, to put it kindly, of the Ukrainian state?”

Beatty also challenged Putin to reconsider the timing of international conflicts.

She noted that Democrats have a long and storied history of working in concert with one another, so that no revolutionary arm of their movement, which they call “This Revolutionary Thing of Ours”, will fall by the wayside.

While Beatty noted that she and her fellow Democrats consider Putin a “Democrat from a distance,” a deliberately ironic statement given the propinquity of their ideological views, she also stated that “Running a revolution is like investing. Even though we outwardly claim to abhor capitalism, we certainly aspire to use the principles of capitalism to aggranidze ourselves, just as you do. As such we understand that diversity of investments is a sounder fiscal policy than throwing all your yaytsa [eggs] in one meshok [sack].”

JOYCE Beatty, congresswoman, democrat

The general thrust of the letter appeared to demonstrate Democratic feelings of tension and unease among Congressional Democrats regarding this Urkainian strike. Four times in the letter, Beatty pointed to war’s tendency to “put the suffering of black Americans into the background.”

Although Democrats have cooperated with and cosigned many of Putin’s plans for the overthrow of American democracy, Beatty issued a strong warning to Mr. Putin. 

“Do not think,” she wrote, “that President Bidet [sic] has willy-nilly castigated your maneuvers in the Ukraine. Far from it. Had you precipitated this conflict in, say, March, after Black History Month, his tone might have been different. Let this be a lesson, comrade.”

National Riposte’s Moscow source has been unable to ascertain whether the letter will have positive or deleterious effects in the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. 

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, said late this afternoon that she “agrees in the main with the letter,” and that Beatty’s letter “circling back, does not lack the support of the President.” Psaki, however, never affirmed that the letter has the President’s support.

“What can I say,” Psaki said, “the President is his own man, I’m sure there are plenty of things he thinks that, all things considered, he thinks about by himself, alone, and keeps it that way.”

Vice President Kamala Harris was said to be at Number One Naval Observatory conjugating Russian verbs while listening to a 1989 recording of the Russian opera Boris Godunov by Modest Mussorgsky.


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