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On Day of Sending, Mexican Families Send Children to U.S. Border Alone

National Riposte was on hand to witness Tuesday’s El Día del Envío, The Day of Sending.


MEXICO — It’s Tuesday in Mexico, but if you ask Mexican children near the border what day it is, they will tell you it’s El Día del Envío, Spanish for The Day of Sending.

That’s because each Tuesday in Mexico, in cooperation with George Soros and the Social Security Administration, hundreds of Mexican families send their children unaccompanied to the U.S.-Mexico border to be gathered by the United States Border Patrol and inculcated into American society.

Each sending day is formalized by the Mexican participants with a speech from a father of one of the children in the caravan.

On this particular Tuesday, Benito, a father of four, is sending his children, ages 4, 5, 7, and 11, along with 18 other children from families in his community, alone to the border.

The practice of sending children unaided to the U.S.-Mexico border is now common among Mexican families, who believe that the future of their civilizations lies, not in improving their own country through promoting and embracing democracy and capitalism, but in siphoning from America.

It’s now customary for Mexican fathers to send their children to the border with a rousing speech. 

“It’s a great opportunity,” said Benito, “to send the children to the border full of courage and vigor. Yes, they are the future.”

When asked if Benito believes that the immigration goals of American Democrats in Congress includes bringing in illegal immigrants to create a permanent Democratic voting bloc, Benito said, “I have no comment at this time. But we don’t care what happens. Joe Biden, he could be a crook. Who the hell cares? We’re voting Democrat all the way.”

The speeches follow a similar pattern, which has been developed by countless fathers over many years. Here are the most salient points:

  • Find demeaning jobs that Americans will not do;
  • look for government handouts, 
  • vote for democrats;
  • Americans are evil so do not be afraid to take advantage of them;
  • steal and lie as necessary;
  • if you must kill or rape, please do so discreetly;
  • if you are asked questions in English, respond, “Ees okay”;
  • and send your money to us.

Benito's Speech

What follows is a transcript of National Riposte’s recording of Benito’s speech, originally delivered in rousing Spanish.

CHILDREN, we are all gathered here to witness a wondrous spectacle.

Indeed, from time immemorial we have traversed this countryside, our homeland. Yes, and more than that, we are citizens of the world. There is no America, no Mexico, no Canada. There are no countries. There is only one giant and vast swamp of humanity, in which all of us must live, and all of us, as you will find out, must die. 

And now we are sending you to the land they call America. Ignore for the moment that the Texans have stolen a portion of our land. Ignore for the moment that the Americans wish only to take advantage of you. Think, rather, of the great opportunity that lies ahead of you. 

Soon you will be in America, that great land of promise and opportunity. In America, you may do as you please. You may live and love and laugh.

But please, muchachos and muchachas, listen to me carefully. For what I am about to tell you might surprise you. It is also of the greatest importance to the journey ahead of you.

First, the Americans are lazy people.

Yes, they are lazy and cruel. They are fat and lazy and cruel. They are disgusting, vile people you cannot trust. They think they can do whatever they want. Their women take no care of their children. Their men abuse their women and children. They live on government handouts. They are not hard working like we are. When their turn comes for work, they say they are too sick to work, then spend the day gambling away their money. They do not work with their hands. They have little robots who do all the work for them, so that they can be fat and lazy and greedy. And they even abuse these poor little robots.

I have said it many times, and so have your parents, but i will say it again: there are many jobs the Americans think they are too good to do, jobs like collecting trash, digging ditches, building houses, painting walls, cleaning out grease traps, working fast food, lawn care, and many other jobs. 

All of these jobs need to be done in America. This is where you come in. This is your great opportunity in America. You must find these jobs that Americans think of as demeaning and beneath their dignity, and you must rise to the challenge of doing these jobs. The work will be hard, but you will find no competition from any of the Americans. They are lazy and greedy. 

Second, it is important that you find a job that will pay you in cash.

It is a big hassle to set up a bank account. Believe me when I say, wherever you can, get paid in cash.

Third, never call the police, no matter what happens.

Let’s say one of the Americans attacks you, or steals from you, as they like to do. Do not call the police. When you call the police, the police will make all sorts of trouble for you. The police are not your friend.

Believe me when I say this. I have been deported over nine times from America. Do you know why? Because it took my nine times to realize that I should not call police on neighbors who are keeping me up at night with loud music, or breaking my windshield, or beating me up in the alley, and many other reasons.

Yes, it is true.

And I gave my name and address each time. Then when the police showed up, I went out to speak with them. They soon discovered–nine times this happened–that I was not in the country with a passport or a visa or anything that would allow me to be there legally, and when I started yelling the name of the President, asking to speak with the President, what did they do? They used an electric gun to silence me. And so these Americans deported me. Nine times they deported me. Nine times this happened.

Fourth, vote for Democrats, to hell with the Republicans.

The Democrats are your friends. They want to help you. They want to give you goodies, just like how you have heard of Pancho Claus, the fat man who brings the Americans gifts every year in the winter.

Every time a Democrat is president, they open the borders wide open. They let us come in and take what belongs to us, what they owe us. They let us send our children and our pregnant women into the country.

Contrast this with the treatment the Republicans give us. They are evil warlords who want to kill all Mexicans. They want to punish us for trying to have a better life. They call us criminals. They think that you are a criminal. They want to put you in prison. They want to make you a slave. Their president, the trumpet, he has built the big wall to keep us out. If it was up to the trumpet, he would make all of you slaves on his golf courses where you would have to cut the grass with scissors and shovel the sand with a toothbrush.

The Democrats aren’t like that. They want to tear down walls and help you and me get the help we need. Joe Biden is Pancho Claus.

Fifth, the world we live in is tit-for-tat.

This means that when you are struck, you strike back. The Americans will hit you in many ways. Don’t be afraid to hit back. What I mean is that you should take advantage of the Americans. If you can steal from them, you should. If you need to kill one of them, we are not saying you should, but if you need to, we will not be surprised.

Whatever the case, remember that Americans are evil. They are the most evil people in the world. Their hearts are full of darkness and wickedness. They have so many things and they are greedy and will not share with the rest of the world. We must punish them.

Sixth, the current social climate in America is such that no one expects us to be able to speak English.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn some of the language so you can eavesdrop on these idiots and learn their secrets.

If they ask you a question, pretend that you don’t know what they are saying. Smile and shake or nod your head, then move your hands like this, then say–and these are the most important words you can say in America–then say, “Ees okay.” These words have been known to get many of our fellow Mexicans out of many troubles in America. Again, say it with me, “Ees okay.” Bueno. Muy, muy bueno.

Seventh, and last, it is most important, above all else, that whatever money you can get, however you can get it, you should send it back to us.

Listen: we are simple people, we do not come from royalty. Our peso is weak, and so we are weak. But the dollar is strong, and in Mexico can move mountains. So when you send the dollar to us, as many of them as you can get, please remember that you are doing a great service to your families and your country. 

Now, let us rise and go. We will travel with you until we can see the border from a great distance. Then we will send you on your way. With luck, and the blessing of the Holy Virgin, you will arrive safely in America. And if we are doubly lucky, we will slowly take over that country, to make the United States of Mexico a reality. Come, it is nearly dark. Quickly. Follow me.

POSTSCRIPT: Due to an outrbeak of heavy gunfire at the U.S.-Mexican borderbetween Border Patrol agents and some of the children due to a dispute over the conjugation of the Spanish verb chingar, we were unable to follow the children across the border. however, An anonymous source, tells us the children arrived safely in Border Patrol custody.

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