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Illegal Immigrant Surprised to See how Quickly President Biden has Aged

Joe Biden in 1989

U.S. – MEXICO BORDER — Pedro Juan Carlo Esteban Julio Cortez Alvira crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally on January 20, 2021, at the same moment President Joseph R. Biden was taking the oath of office.

“I never seen him [Biden] before except one picture,” said Alvira. “He look so young and fit, like strong animal.” The picture of familiarity to Alvira was one of Biden in 1989 sporting downturned lips. Alvira assumed that this was what the President looked like today.

Alvira was arrested by border patrol agents just minutes after crossing the border. While in custody, Alvira saw CNN footage of the inauguration.

“Who is old man?” said Mr. Alvarez, pointing to Biden.

“That’s the president,” said border patrol agent Lt. Martine Lopez-Guadalajara-Estudiando.

“That’s Joe Biden?” said Mr. Alvira. “Wow. Job is tough. He age quick just few days.”

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