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Homeless Don’t Know How to Work, New Study Shows

Over 75% of homeless people in San Francisco have no idea how to work

San Francisco's Homeless Don't Know How to Work Says New Study

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A startling new survey from the Centers for Unhoused Personages (CUP), in Los Angeles, California, found that over 75% of the homeless living in San Francisco don’t know how to work.

The study showed that while many of these individuals could work, and want to work, they simply lack the knowledge of how to do this.

“The great struggle for these people,” said centers president Marcia LaRouche, “is that they don’t know how to work.”

The survey was underscored by over one hundred examples that the centers called “clear-cut examples of people who have never learned to work, and so cannot care for themselves.”s

One moving example was provided by Herman P. Angstrom, a fifty year old man who has spent the majority of his life homeless and unemployed.

Angstrom says he tried working when he was 16, but found that the harder he worked, the more difficult the job became. A short stint in the Army left Angstrom with further questions regarding work. Angstrom says he was dishonorably discharged after just 18 weeks in the army.

“All the yelling wasn’t helping me figure out how to work,” he said.

This led to decades of unemployment and homelessness.

“It’s a cry for help,” said LaRouche. “These people aren’t coming to San Francisco because they want to be homeless, they’re coming here because they think that maybe, somewhere along the way, they will learn the requisite skills necessary to provide for themselves. Give me your poor, your tired, your worn out — does that sound familiar? Oh, yeah, it’s from America’s first Feminist, Lady Liberty.”

Angstrom agrees with this assessment. “Thank the gods for somebody like LaRouche,” he said. “Somebody who hears my cries. I’d work with these hands,” said Angstrom, stretching out his weathered digits, “if only I could learn how.”

But there are also those among San Francisco’s homeless population about whom the Centers for Disease Control, in coordination with the American Psychiatric Association, states “may well have a condition called ‘Workicitis,’ in which the sufferers or victims cannot work because working causes debilitating rashes, panic attacks, and even paralysis.” Workicitis is thought to afflict at least 10 percent of San Francisco’s homeless population.

San Francisco Mayor London N. Breed haled the CUP study as “a triumph in a world of forgotten human beings, left to wander in a wasteland crafted by the carelessness and heartlessness of a white world.”

In February Mayor Breed spent four days and four nights living among the city’s homeless population.

“There were quite a few folks who didn’t know who I was,” Mayor Breed said. “So I got roughed up a little. But these people are just trying to make ends meet with whatever they can find lying around. Let’s make sure that what they find is a better life.”

LaRouche is lobbying the California legislature to set aside more than one billion dollars of taxpayer money to allow her organization to design, develop, and implement training centers in San Francisco. The training centers would give the homeless population the skills they need to become productive workers in a society that, she says, has forgotten them.

“I’d love to see doctors, neurosurgeons, engineers coming out of this program,” says LaRouche. “Wouldn’t it be cool to see a formerly homeless person design a bridge and tell his coworkers, ‘Hey, I used to live under one of these things, now I’m building one.’ How crazy would that be?”

But LaRouche is quick to point out that her training programs would do nothing for the other 25% who either refuse to work or cannot work.

“The state has an obligation, moral and otherwise, to care for these people. Those who refuse to work probably have a good reason for the refusal. Even so, they need to eat. So do all those folks who can’t work. Usually it’s because they’re insane and don’t know any better. But, they need to eat too.”

CUP is also behind a push to open several CARE4ME clinics in the San Francisco area. The clinics, now funded through private donations, are intended to provide care for homeless persons who either cannot or will not work.

After heavy and aggressive lobbying by CUP, the California State Legislature is now considering a bill that would require all licensed California physicians to spend at least half of their practices volunteering, without pay, at CARE4ME clinics.

“It’s time for doctors to give back,” said Mayor Breed. “I stand beside, behind, and upon CUP. Just to bring my point home, I didn’t pay my gynecologist for last week’s mammogram, and I don’t plan to pay her. Period. Get off my back.”

This month, the number of licensed physicians moving from California to Texas doubled. LaRouche called the move “the height of selfishness, a clear sign that these people were in it for the money from the git-go. Get out of our country.”

No physicians were available for comment.

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