Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a safe, affirming, and tolerant centralized locality where politicians across the spectrum can voice and externalize their opinions.

What We Love

We love fair play, social consciousness, democracy, freedom, justice, the environment, open-mindedness, privacy, tolerance, and civil discourse.

Our Content Policy

We carefully scrutinize all content to ensure that only the most productive and accurate content finds its way onto our pages. You can feel confident that our content provides helpful talking points for every occasion.

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The Future Is Looking Good For National Riposte - and the national interest

We are optimistic about the future because politics offers so many examples of selfless behavior, acumen, honesty, and genuine human decency. The political commentary presented here, by our nation's leaders, proves as much.

Some say that politics is a cesspool, but we believe it's a five dollar slot machine that politicians play with our taxes. And every pull is a jackpot. Seeking ever-greater altruism, the politicians graciously and courteously gift the winnings to us in the form of yearly tax returns and endless tax-funded public benefits. Politics is, therefore, a goldmine.

And that, friend, is something worth talking about.