Vote Joe 24 I fall early often banner

Joe Biden falls early and often because he’s working hard to make America safe for democracy.

Now, more than ever, we need a visionary and captain of politics like JOE BIDEN to rescue our nation from the wiles and wickedness of DONALD J. TRUMP.

If Trump is reelected, he will flush this nation down the toilet. He will push American rights back 500 years. He will reinstitute slavery. He will kill the poor. He will slaughter foreigners and immigrants.

Never has America seen a more desperate hour.

Even George Washington, when at Valley Forge, wrote in his diary, “Behold, I foresee a day coming for this fledgeling nation when it will be called dupon to choose between light and darkness, but truth and error, between good and evil.”

Now is that day! Now is the time.

If you value America…
If you value DEMOCRACY…
If you value your children’s FUTURE…
If you value your LIFE…

Then you will VOTE JOE BIDEN!

Vote Joe 2024!

Vota por joe 2024

A vote for TRUMP is a vote to KILL AMERICA.
Joe Biden will save America from Donald J. Trump.

and now a message from the man who beat DONALD J. TRUMP IN 2020 AND WILL BEAT HIM again in 2024 - our hero JOE BIDEN.

I’m Joe Biden.

I fall early, and I fall often. And there’s plenty more reasons to vote if you’re for me up in yours this coming cycle.

America is full of too much rancor in this country. We need to get along.

I’m Joe Biden. I urge all Americans of all stripes to link together in holy matrimony on this special occasion.

It’s an election year, folks, we’re up against it. The very thread of the democracy fiber is being ripped by shredded against the forces of unnature.

We’re losing in the battle for democracy. Freedom is a choice, born from a womb—she’s a woman who knows her stuff. There are women and there’s women.

She’s been at it a long time. She’s tired of the rancor.

She’s an old lady now, tired. Why’s she tired?

She’s heard it. Hearing it all the time. Tired of the rancor.

Sitting in a rocking chair on the eighth floor of the estate. She’s looking at you and me. What are we going to tell her?

My plan addresses those issues, and many more.

People come up to me all the time, “Joe, where are we going? Where’s this country headed? What are we doing?”

I say, “I don’t know where the hell you’re going, but I’m on the elevator.”

It’s where we should all be. We’re all. It’s there with the thing.

Can you hear it? Taste.

The imperative has been cast. If you value freedom, if you cherish democracy, Irish nationalism—just had to throw that in there—you’ll see, you know it’s true, don’t you? But you did.

I have a seven point plan to address eight issues that face a majority of percentage Americans in this country.

With God’s help we will lead the charge into the promised stand, and take our place among the oppressed of the world to lift them up so we can see what’s underneath.

This nation is built on greatness.

When Sacajawea was a slave shareholder in Tennessee, she said, “You know, this land is my land.”

And she was onto something there. She didn’t worry about the carpetbaggers. Brave. She set a million slaves free. Right there. It’s in your hand. Everyone is all around.

We’re all free here. Here, it’s a place. There’s something.

Build back better. We better, too, because not.

The choice is yours

Are you going to vote for RACISM - Trump - or TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY = Biden?