We Need New Hate Speech Laws To Silence Opponents

* We need new hate speech laws to silence opponents of progress.
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My people have long been oppressed by tyrants with right leaning politics.

From days of yore until the present, we have been oppressed by every right leaning person, entity, and organization. If they are right, they are wrong.

If they are right, they are wrong.

The tyrant Nebuchadnezzar, staunch Republican and frequent watcher of Babylon Fox News, overwhelmed Jerusalem, leading many Jews—all who were liberal democrats—into captivity. Is anyone surprised to hear that Nebuchadnezzar was promoting a campaign to “Make Babylon Great Again”? I think not. But it does sound familiar………

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Symbol of Nebuchadnezzar, Republican.

Hate speech is always from the right. Have you noticed that? Oh, the irony! To be right – and so wrong!

Those on the left are patently and habitually open minded, freedom loving, tolerant.

The right, however, has a long history of closed mindedness, slavish adherence to antiquated notions of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and racial ideologies built upon oppression, especially of poor minorities.

We Jews are only the tip of the hate speech iceberg.

Many groups, policies, and people in our nation are daily the victim of hate speech. Let me name some.

  • The LGBTQIAWTF+ community
  • Democrats
  • Minority women
  • Environmentalists
  • Wealth redistributionists
  • Dwarves
  • Animals rights activists

I have come up with a solution to hate speech that is so ingenious, so radical, yet so simple, it is a wonder no one has thought of it before

I propose that the Biden administration take immediate and firm action to decry all forms of speech against its policies as hate speech.

First, what is hate speech?

Hate speech is any speech that the federal government says is hate speech.

Specifically, it is any speech that is deemed politically incorrect or politically inconvenient.

Let me give you some examples.

—Speech that is critical of President Joeseph R. Biden and his policies.

This is hate speech, pure and simple, against Irish folks.

They hate the fact that Irish people have succeeded in this country. If Joe Biden wasn’t Irish, the right wouldn’t speak out against his policies. They would embrace these policies. It’s only from racial bigotry that they hate his policies.

America would not exist without Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has helped us avoid obsolescence. And again I am reminded that right leaning persons, entities, and organizations seek to oppress this man.

—Speech against environmentalism.

This also is hate speech against the environment, known specifically as mys-environmentalism.

Those on the right who criticize environmentalism are also those who hate and despise the environment. If they did not hate the environment, they would embrace environmentalism.

They would see that humans—specifically, right-leaning business persons (mostly men) who choose profits over pollution control—are destroying the environment, are causing global temperatures to rise, are slowly murdering polar bears through our stupid arrogant business ventures, and in short murdering the ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION for the sake of making money.

So then, when you speak out against environmentalism, you are—by a series of difficult-to-follow-but-nevertheless-present links in a foul pestilential chain—endorsing the mass murder of humans across the globe. You are a terrorist and participant in genocide.

When you speak out against environmentalism, you are endorsing the mass murder of humans across the globe. You are a terrorist and participant in genocide.

—Those who say that animals don’t have as many rights as humans.

Translated, this means “I hate animals and think they are good for nothing but to be brutally murdered in the wild, tortured as test laboratory subjects, and roasted on a grill.”

To say that animals have fewer rights than humans is to say that they can be kenneled against their will, forced to eat the same meals every day, forced to drink from dirty water dishes, forced to wear collars and leashes, prohibited from enriching their minds through education, and generally being treated as less than human—fourth fifths, perhaps, but not HUMAN.

We need to get creative in our hate speech legislation

When Kamala becomes president, we need to bring the issue of hate speech against minority women to the fore. In this way, she will be immune from all criticism, and her critics will be imprisoned, and peace will reign.


The reality, of course, is that we democrats in office see things as they are because we say so, while the balance of the people in this nation see things as they would like them to be but never will because we pull the strings and they don’t.

I must urge my colleagues in Congress as well as the President of the United States to take swift, decisive action in rooting out all hate speech in America.

To my friends across the aisle, isn’t it time we linked arms as one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all?


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