Jim Crow Needs To Do His Or Her Part For EV Charging Stations

* Jim Crow needs to do his part for electric vehicle charging

by Lampish Fitt, former pimp

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I have seen with my glass eye the dangers of a gas-powered economy.

When we have gas-guzzlers rolling up and down the city blocks, they spew pollution that gets into people’s heads. This pollution makes them crazy.

By crazy I mean, more susceptible to take orders from the rich fat cats keeping them down and preventing them from rising out of their impoverished state, thus perpetuating their state of indentured servitude to the rich.

This is especially the case in poor, impoverished, section 8, and ghetto neighborhoods where dwellers therein can’t get the cleaner fuels that rich white folks can get where they live.

In these run down areas of America’s larger cities, the poor minorities get stuck with the cheap gas filled with 800% more toxins than regular gasoline.

Rich folks don’t care about these people. They are deliberately trying to oppress them.

This wouldn’t be a problem for these poor folks if they were rich white folks—or any color rich—and could afford to wear gas masks to deal with the pollution, the way a rich person would. But these people can’t. They can barely afford a loaf of bread, because most of their money has to go to their drug and alcohol addictions.

And even if they could afford it, their fingers are so brittle and worn from back-breaking labor at substandard wages making the fat cats rich that they could barely butter that bread.

Can they afford butter? Not if the rich have anything to do with it.

Here is the insidious part: the toxins from the gasoline slowly turn the poor folks into drones and automatons

This forces them to accept a lower class lifestyle and remain slaves to a system that they can’t get out of. That’s why most of the poor folks stay in the poor areas and can’t get out. Jim Crow is alive and well.

The fat cat only has to snap his fingers, and the poor folks get in line for another day of poverty. Yes, the fat cats have learned very well how to keep poor minorities right where they want them.

Now if you look at this, back of all of it is the gas-powered internal combustion engine. And surprise surprise—that engine was invented by A WHITE MAN, Belgian engineer Étienne Lenoir. White is white, I say.

This engine is the new Jim Crow. And it must be stopped.

TGhere are even eyewitnesses who see rich white folks filling up their tanks with the toxic gasoline in impoverished areas and driving around for hours on end to further pollute the area.

That’s why Congress needs to mandate that gas-powered automobiles be scrapped immediately. Immediate impound. No cash for clunkers. Rather, confiscation or incarceration.

Following this, all Americans will be given an all-electric vehicle. Finally, electric vehicle charging stations will be erected by the millions, at the expense of the wealthy.

…With liberty and free EV charging for all… Let me hear you say….

Oil production will cease. Poor minorities will become rich majorities. Justice will roll down from the oil rig to the corner market store. And we can roll on in our electric vehicles: pollution free, poverty free, free free.

It’s the least rich folks can do.

To each, according to their need; from each, as much as we say.


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