Joe Biden’s Alzheimer’s ‘A National Benefit’

* Joe Biden's National Advantage Play For Alzheimer's. The President has a big advantage with his memory problems.
by Zha Zha Botulence

“I’m there’s thing was okay, but you’re following it’s wrong.” — Photo courtesy, quote courtesy Joseph Marionette Biden

You know, it isn’t every day that we get a President who can stand on the world’s stage and show that people with Alzheimer’s can lead countries.

Before Biden’s time in office, the general consensus in the medical community and in the broader community of anecdotal folks was that people with Alzheimer’s were mentally shot.

There was a sense that people with A’s couldn’t do everything that people without it can do.

Joe Biden proves just how false that narrative—espoused primarily by staunch political conservatives—really is.

President Biden’s tenure in the White House has been historic. It rivals George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s.

Biden has done more for this country to help it along its way than any ten presidents before him. Mark my words: this president will always be remembered, even if he forgets.

2. The other advantage of a nation with an Alzheimer’s patient for President? It helps us all be more tolerant and sensitive.

Biden’s presidency is an empowering moment for Alzheimer’s patients.

Just because you can’t remember stuff, can’t think clearly, don’t recall what you said or why you are doing what you are doing, recognize fewer and fewer people, and need hour by hour help to meet your most basic needs, doesn’t mean that you should be cast aside—either as a person or from the ballot box.

Hopefully the future will be littered with these wonderful people driving cars, performing surgery, working construction, waiting tables, or being dog walkers.

It’s time to start rethinking Alzheimer’s. They’re not messed up, just different. And that’s no reason to keep them out of the White House.

The sky is the limit.

3. The Big Win for Biden? Legitimate Deniability

We’ve seen how some politicians have made a career of claiming that they “don’t recall”, when asked difficult questions about what they did or said. Should you believe them? That depends. How likely is it that they really can’t recall what many other people can?

Just because you can’t remember stuff doesn’t mean that you should be cast aside—either as a person or from the ballot box. — ZZ Botulence

Joe’s advantage here is that he can say “I don’t recall” and he will be telling the truth. It’s the ultimate in legitimate deniability.

Who wouldn’t believe him when he says he can’t recall? I support him, and I would believe that in a heartbeat.

Unlike most politicians, when Joe says “I don’t recall,” he means it.

Sure, call him crazy. But crazy has its perks. Just ask my third husband.


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